Wife of Tony Ferguson Issues Statement Regarding Restraining Order

‘s wife has put out a short statement regarding the
restraining order she has sought against the former interim

Ultimate Fighting Championship
lightweight champ.

According to ESPN
on Friday, Cristina Ferguson and her attorney
released a statement explaining why she filed a restraining order.
is a good husband and good father to our son,” she
said in her statement. “The current legal proceedings are a part of
a process to ensure that Tony will receive the help necessary to
continue being the best possible, as well as to pursue his passion
and career as a UFC champion fighter.” She concluded her statement
by asking for privacy, saying, “All positive well wishes are
sincerely appreciated and I hope our privacy will be

In California, potential victims can seek temporary restraining
orders to protect themselves or other parties, and there does not
need to be physical harm — the threat or fear of impending harm
can be still deemed “domestic violence.”
MMAJunkie reported Thursday
that Ferguson’s wife filed a
temporary restraining order against him. The order was filed after
a series of incidents where his wife called the police out of
concern for Ferguson and his well-being.

In the incident reports provided to MMAJunkie.com
, his family
and the responding officers recorded repeated examples of
Ferguson’s unusual behavior. Those reports included he and his wife
getting into arguments, Ferguson’s father asking him to leave his
house, Ferguson staying up for days at a time and smashing their
fire place, Ferguson claiming there was a microchip implanted in
his leg and a man living in his walls, and splashing his wife with
“holy water.” At one time, he also called the police to report that
his wife had been missing overnight.

As stated previously
, the reports were very clear to state that
at no point during any of the incidents was Ferguson was violent,
or that his wife was concerned for her own safety or that of their
child. While the incidents repeated and he was encouraged to seek
help, he reportedly did not pursue treatment. An investigation is
set to take place on March 22, and the domestic violence hearing
will take place on April 5. The temporary restraining order will be
in place until that hearing.

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