Video Surfaces of Conor McGregor Smashing Phone

It was only a matter of time until video of the alleged phone
smashing by Conor
would come out, and that video has now been released
by TMZ.

In a video
published by TMZ
on Thursday, McGregor is seen in the clip
stomping on the phone he allegedly took from Ahmed Abdirzak late
Sunday night. In the video, you can hear Abdirzak begging McGregor,
saying “Let me get my phone, man.” While Abdirzak was pleading to
McGregor, you can loudly hear and see the phone being stomped on by
McGregor’s left foot.

According to the arrest report
, McGregor and Abdirzak were
outside the LIV Nightclub at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel
very early in the morning. When Abdirzak tried to take a photograph
of the UFC superstar, he claimed McGregor
feigned a handshake
and pulled in Abdirzak, while grabbing the

For this incident, McGregor was arrested and charged with felony
strong-armed robbery and criminal mischief. He has since been
released on a $12,500 bond, and he will return to court for an
arraignment on April 10.

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