UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman Claims He Was Victim Of Sexual Abuse By Ohio State Team Doctor

Ultimate Fighting Championship
heavyweight champion Mark Coleman
says he was a victim of a now-deceased Ohio State University team
doctor who is accused of sexually abusing over 100 former students,

he confirmed in a statement released on Thursday
. The
physician, Dr. Richard Strauss, has been accused of abusing his
position to sexually assault students and university athletes,
including multiple members of the wrestling team.

Coleman wrestled for Ohio State in 1988 as a senior transfer,
winning a national championship in his only year with the school,
then took a position as an assistant wrestling coach there. While
coaching for Ohio State, he continued to wrestle as an amateur,
winning a gold medal in the 1991 Pan American Games and coming in
7th at the 1992 Olympics, before pursuing a career in mixed martial

Coleman stated that he wants to cooperate with investigators. He
also denied previous statements that he believed former assistant
coach Jim Jordan, who is now a Republican congressman representing
Ohio and a frontrunner for Speaker of the House, was aware of the
alleged sexual abuse going on. Coleman claims any statements to
that effect were misquoted or misinterpreted, and that he does not
know whether Rep. Jordan had knowledge of any misconduct while
Jordan was an assistant coach at the university from 1987 to 1995.
Jordan has denied any knowledge of the abuses that have been

“The Hammer” won two UFC one-night tournaments before claiming its
inaugural heavyweight championship at UFC 12 in 1997, then shocked
the MMA world by winning the 2000
Pride Fighting Championships
Grand Prix. He was inducted into
the UFC Hall of Fame in 2008.

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