Rachael Ostovich’s Husband Pleads No Contest to Assault

‘s husband Arnold
has pleaded no contest to assaulting his wife back in

According to ESPN and the Associated Press
late Thursday,
Berdon, the husband of
Ultimate Fighting Championship
flyweight Ostovich, is pleading
no contest to an assault charge against his wife. As a result,
Berdon will likely be sentenced to probation, and according to
Judge Trish Morikawa, he might not serve any time in prison if he
participates in a domestic violence program. Ostovich is also
seeking a divorce.

Initially pleading not guilty to the charge of second-degree
assault, he opted to plead no contest instead to keep his family
out of the courts any longer. Pleading no contest means that he
will not contest the case, but also contends that he is not
admitting guilt. The sentencing hearing is slated for May 16, and
the maximum possible sentence for this charge is five years in

In November, Berdon was arrested and initially charged with
second-degree attempted murder after allegedly attacking Ostovich,
although the prosecution lowered the charge to second-degree
assault. The report alleged that he struck her repeatedly in the
head and body, leaving her coughing up blood and with a fractured
orbital bone.

A statement from Ostovich read, “I’m satisfied that Arnold is
accepting responsibility for his actions and getting the help
needed so that he can be the best father to our daughter.”

Ostovich competed at UFC Fight Night 143 in January, overcoming her
injuries to compete on the first UFC card airing on ESPN.
Ultimately, she fell short, losing by submission to Paige

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