I almost died trying to make weight last fight

Submission monster Rousimar Palhares recently posted an image from which several conclusions might be drawn. The most commonly voiced belief is that Palhares is taking performance-enhancing drugs. Or maybe he is injecting Synthol? Or maybe after fighting at welterweight at 170 since 2013, his body exploded; Palhares tells Guilherme Cruz for MMA Fighting that he currently weighs 212.

It went viral

”A friend of mine is working as a hairstylist now and wanted to do that haircut, so I let him do it, and some guys came over to the gym on the same day for interviews,” said Palhares. “Everyone is talking about it. Some people like it, some people made fun of it, but it’s cool [My wife] liked it, and also thought it’s funny. My wife is my partner for life, she helps me with everything. But she think it’s funny. She didn’t criticize, though, so that’s a good start [laughs].”

Turning serious, Palhares’ last fight was an early KO loss to Aliaskhab Khizriev at Fight Nights Global 85 on March 30 in Moscow, Russia. ‘Toquinho’ was unable to make weight.

”I felt really bad cutting weight last time,” said Palhares. “I can’t make that weight anymore. I almost died. I can’t do it. I missed weight, I almost died, had to be medicated. I look like a crackhead at 170, I reached my limit. That was the last time I cut that much of weight. I’m done. No more. I might die, something can happen.

”I thought about pulling out of the fight but I needed the money. What can I do? I have a family, man. When you have family there’s no coming back. I have bills to pay.”

Palhares, 38, plans to fight at middleweight going forward, but is unsure when his next bout will be. In the meantime, he is preparing for a grappling match vs. Craig Jones at KASAI Pro 3 on August 18, at Manhattan Center’s Hammerstein Ballroom, 311 W 34TH Street, New York City, New York.

As for those who accuse him of PED use, the fighter says, “people say whatever they want to try to diminish your work, so that doesn’t bother me at all.”

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