Gunnar Nelson Believes McGregor Will Rematch Nurmagomedov, Plans To Help Next Time

believes Conor
will fight Khabib
again at some point, and he believes he may be an
important part of helping his teammate fare better in the

Nelson, an Ultimate Fighting Championship welterweight, is
also a grappling wiz and longtime stablemate of McGregor at SBG
Ireland. The 30 year-old Icelander spoke to “The Mac Life” ahead of
his bout against Alex
this weekend at UFC 231 and explained why he was
forced to sit out of McGregor’s training camp for the first
Nurmagomedov fight.

“It was very unfortunate, obviously, that I couldn’t join the camp
because of my knee,” Nelson said. “I could have maybe done it right
at the end, but he had everything planned out and he had his guys
there. But it was a little bit difficult to see, and I think for
the next one — and I believe there will be another one at some
point — I’ll be there for his camp for sure.”

Nelson noted that he’s analyzed the fight and can point out a few
things McGregor could do to improve his chances in a potential
rematch with Nurmagomedov, but believes McGregor’s head coach,
, has done the same.

“Yeah definitely [I can see some things],” he said. “I’m sure
[McGregor] can as well, and John [Kavanagh] obviously, our

“I think there was a bit too much chase in this fight,” he added.
“I’m not going to go into detail about how Conor will beat

“I’m a different fighter than Conor, so my strategy would probably
be a bit different than his,” Nelson said, “but you don’t want to
sit in [Nurmagomedov’s] world, and guys tend to do that a little
bit. Al
actually did pretty well, I thought. He was able to
tweak his strategy and did well, but guys seem to get caught in his
world, and that’s his world.”

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