Extreme Weight Cutting is ‘Sanctioned Cheating’

For as long as there have been weight classes in MMA, there has
been weight cutting, with athletes attempting to drop as much water
weight as possible for weigh-ins so that they are the bigger,
stronger man or woman come fight night.

This year there have been a number of horror stories involving
extreme weight cuts in the
Ultimate Fighting Championship
, such as middleweight Uriah Hall
who suffered a seizure and a mild heart attack cutting weight,
lightweight champion Khabib
who was rushed to hospital and even former
welterweight champion Johny
whose kidneys failed on him as a result of a weight
cut gone wrong.

Some fighters such as Mackenzie
and Darren Till
have attempted to cut extreme amounts of weight this year, missed
the mark by a large margin and actually ended up winning the fight
with the only punishment being that they surrender a part of their
fighter purse to their opponent.

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan discussed extreme weight cutting on
a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast and if he was
in charge he’d be fixing this issue first as it’s sanctioned
cheating (via MMAFighting.com).

“It is stupid. What it is is sanctioned cheating. It’s sanctioned
cheating and it’s cheating at a much higher scale even than PEDs.
If you get two people and they both weigh 135 [pounds] but they’re
both totally hydrated and one of them has been doing steroids and
one of them hasn’t been doing steroids, the difference will be far
less than if one person weighs in at 135 [pounds] but then balloons
up to 160 [pounds] and then gets into that octagon at 160 [pounds]
but there’s no PEDs involved. That’s a much greater advantage than
someone who’s doing some sort of testosterone thing or something.
They’re compromised but the benefit of being so much larger might
outweigh being compromised. Dude, if I was running s**t, I’d fix
that first. That would be the first thing I would fix.”

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