Dana White Critical of Referee Stoppage in Claudio Henrique Da Silva-Danny Roberts Bout

The welterweight clash between Claudio
Henrique da Silva
and Danny
at UFC London ended in controversy when referee Kevin
Sataki halted the contest 2:37 into the third stanza, claiming he
heard a verbal submission from “Hot Chocolate.”

Da Silva secured a tight armbar in the third frame, but Roberts
appeared on the verge of escaping after slamming his foe to the
canvas. Unfortunately for Roberts, Sataki had a different

“The ref stopped it at a time when I escaped,” Roberts said in his
post-fight interview. “I’m just gutted. I’m disappointed…So when
the ref stopped that I was already out of that armbar. I had
already transitioned to the other side and I was OK. I might’ve
made noise, I might’ve grunted. It hurt. But I was ready to come
out and keep on going until the end of the third round. We hadn’t
finished. I wasn’t done.”

Roberts wasn’t the only one unhappy with the stoppage. UFC
President Dana White took to Instagram to voice his disapproval
while also apologizing to Roberts.

“Kills me when these refs f—k up and steal such a great fight and
opportunity from not just the fighters but the fans!” White

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