Colby Covington Claims ‘Luster is Gone’ From Rivalry With Tyron Woodley Due to Woodley’s Title Loss

wanted the chance to fight Tyron
when the champion was on top of the world but that
dream is over after Woodley was decimated in his title fight
against Kamaru
earlier this month at UFC 235.

Onetime training partners Covington and Woodley have been engaging
in a war of words for some time now and the pair were meant to meet
for the 170-pound title last September, unifying Covington’s
interim title with the undisputed strap held by Woodley. However,
“Chaos” decided to undergo nasal surgery and the UFC awarded the
shot to Darren

Covington was again set to face Woodley at UFC 235, but the UFC
decided against the fight and awarded the shot to Usman who had
assisted the UFC previously by making himself available as a
back-up fighter for Woodley’s defense against Till at UFC 228 last

Now that Woodley has been dethroned, the outspoken Covington told
MMA News that the fight just
won’t be the same anymore.

“The luster is taken off of it,” Covington said. “He was this
invincible guy who was claiming to be the best welterweight of all
time, which we all know was complete lies cause he’s a fake f—ker.
It just had so many different angles in it. The red versus blue.
He’s a liberal, I’m a Republican. There’s so many different ways
the fight could go. Ex-teammates, we literally hate each other,
that wasn’t a fake beef. ‘Marty Snoozeman’ tried to manufacture a
beef with Woodley but there was no beef there. They were actually
friends, they were cool and they actually liked each other.

“There was real beef with me and Woodley and we wanted to settle
our differences. I beat his ass every day at American Top Team for
three or four years and this was his chance in front of the whole
world to try and get me back but it wasn’t going to happen. I was
going to do what ‘Marty Snoozeman’ did but I was going to do worse.
I was going to take him to deep waters, get him all tired and
finish him.”

Covington, who was in the crowd when Woodley was defeated by Usman,
said the beef between the pair is real. The 31-year-old even said
he got into a verbal altercation with Woodley’s mother during the
night when the fans were starting to chant his name.

“Even me and ‘Mama’ Woodley had a fight in the crowd cause all the
fans were cheering ‘Colby you’re the real champ’ and I said that’s
right and Mama Woodley stands up ‘oh hell no, f—k you Colby, my
son’s going to knock you the f—k out’ and then Dana [White] had to
come separate us and keep security by us. It was crazy,” Covington

“There were so many different angles and so much real beef that me
and Tyron
brought to the table. It sucks that it lost all the
hype and even if wins a couple fights, I’ll give him a shot at my
title after I destroy Usman but it’s not going to have the same
effect as it had before when he was on a long winning streak.”

While Covington claims that the luster for the fight has gone away,
he said he did warn Woodley about taking these unnecessary fights
against Till and Usman instead of waiting for him.

“He had his shot. I told him don’t f—k this up ‘Tyquil’, don’t f—k
this up,” Covington stated. “You don’t need to take this fight. You
didn’t need to take the Darren Till
fight. All you had to do was wait one month for me. This is all his

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