Cat Zingano Officially Appeals TKO Loss to Megan Anderson at UFC 232

As expected, Cat Zingano
has filed an appeal of her loss to Megan
at UFC 232.
obtained a copy of the document, which can be
. Zingano is hoping to have her technical knockout defeat
overturned to a no contest. The Dec. 29 featherweight bout was
halted after a kick from Anderson injured Zingano’s eye 61 seconds
into the opening frame.

While eye pokes from fingers are considered illegal under the
unified rules of MMA, a strike to the eyes from a punch or kick
doesn’t fall under the same category. Zingano’s attorney, Nathan
Gable, argues in the appeal that the unified rules are not clear
regarding eye gouges.

“The language of the Unified Rules regarding eye gouging is non
exhaustive and the examples listed, namely ‘eye gouging by means of
fingers, chin, or elbow,’ are not meant as the only methods by
which a foul may occur,” Gable writes. “First, the language is
plainly open ended, beginning with ‘eye gouging of any kind.…’ Had
the Unified Rules intended to limit this foul to only the examples
that followed and exclude toes from this foul, this rule would have
been written with limiting language such as, ‘only eye gouging by
means of fingers, chin, or elbow is illegal’ and omit the words ‘of
any kind.’

“Additionally, had this rule been meant to limit this foul to only
the examples that followed and exclude toes, then by the same
logic, a thumb to the eye would not be foul as the rule merely
mentions fingers, not thumbs.”

UFC 232 took place at the Forum in Inglewood, Calif., and was
sanctioned by the California State Athletic Commission. Zingano is
expected to have her appeal heard before CSAC at a hearing in

After the bout, Zingano
that the kick left her with a “damaged iris, damaged
retina, hemorrhage in the back of my eye, increased globe pressure
and of course the laceration.” If the defeat stands, Zingano will
have lost four of her last five Octagon appearances.

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